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At Ayr Guitar we carry out a comprehensive range of repair and maintenance services, from basic guitar setups to full re-frets and fret profiling. We also do brass and woodwind repairs, from servicing and cleaning to full overhauls including re-padding, to ensure your instrument performs to the very best of its ability.

All new instruments purchased in-store come with a first-free-setup guarantee for 3 months!

Andy is a fully qualified brass, woodwind and strings specialist with a wealth of experience in the field. 


REPAIR TERMS AND CONDITIONS - AYR GUITAR offers in-store repair facilities.  AYR GUITAR accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to any customer owned merchandise that was not directly caused by AYR GUITAR.  The customer is responsible for all charges incurred, including, but not limited to, freight to and from outside repair service centres, parts, labour, VAT and handling fees (if any).  Merchandise not picked up and paid-in-full within 6 months will be considered abandoned and becomes the property of AYR GUITAR.  All repairs and/or set-up fees for items not purchased at AYR GUITAR are subject to handling fees. 

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