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The P600 Tuner features a bright 4 LED display that clearly shows you what note each sting is in, allowing you to tune your guitar easily. The pedal is designed to produce a sensitive and stable tuning, letting you get the perfect tuning each time to keep you playing for as long as possible.Swiff have also designed the P900 pedal to be used as a power supply for multiple pedals, offering up to eight 9V DC outputs that can power most pedals. 6 of the outputs provide 100mA which powers most of the standard pedals, and 2 outputs that provide 500mA which can be used to power the bigger pedals.

Swiff P600 Tuner and Power Supply

    • Tuning Options: Chromatic
    • Display: 5 Colour LED
    • Power Supply Mode

    • Input: 18V DC
    • Outputs: 8 x 9V DC
    • Outlets Delivery:
      • 6 x 100mA
      • 2 x 500mA


    • 18v DC input plug
    • power snake patch leads
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