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*Each new guitar includes a first free professional setup and service within 3 months!

Sigma 000M-15ME+

Colour: Natural
Out of Stock
  • With an all mahogany construction, this guitar has a lovely warm tone that's great for blues music with really well-rounded bass and treble. It's an incredibly versatile instrument so you can easily play any style you want.

    If you're new to playing the guitar, you want one that's comfortable, well set up and easy to play and Sigmas are a great choice that won't hurt your wallet. While your learning your guitar will take a bit of a bashing, this guitar is tough enough to bear with you while your technique improves.

    If you're a more experienced player you'll find the delicate, restrained bass makes both fingerpicking and strumming sound fantastic with a distinctive tone that won't get lost in the mix at a jam session.

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