The NU-X B-5RC 2.4GHz wireless system is the ultimate in convenience for players that need the freedom of wireless connection. Enhanced by the latest NU-X technology and using their upgraded algorithm, the B-5RC fits perfectly with all types of electric guitars, electro-acoustic guitars, bass guitars and ukuleles, even with active or passive, piezo or magnetic pickups. The B-5RC delivers remarkable 24-bit audio quality, simple plug & play setup, super-low latency (<5 ms) and a solid signal for distances up to 30m line-of-sight. The set also comes with a portable Power Case to recharge the transmitter and receiver up to 3 times.

Nux B-5RC 2.4GHz Wireless System for Guitar and Bass

    • Licence free operation worldwide
    • 2.4GHz digital wireless system
    • Up to 4 sets can be operated simultaneously
    • Auto-pairing for instantaneous setup
    • Rechargeable transmitter & receiver
    • Power Case included for portable re-charging
    • Fully compatible with active pickups and EQ