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No one wants a pedal that's hard to use. You don't want to be encountering difficulty when you're trying to dial in your perfect effect-driven tones. MXR have made sure that the M280 is a simple-to-use bass octave, so you can find your ideal booming sound with ease. Basic controls for one octave down, two octaves down, and your dry signal make the unit perfect for use on stage, when you need to alter your sound quickly and with simplicity.

MXR Vintage Bass Octave M280

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    • Model Name: MXR M280 Vintage Bass Octave
    • Model Number: JD-M280
    • Input Impedance: 1 MOhm
    • Bypass: THW BP
    • Signal to Noise: A Weighted (Vref IV RMS) - 93 dBV
    • Output Impedance: Less than 1 KOhm
    • Trigger Threshold: -74 dBV at 100 Hz
    • Dry Gain: 7 dB
    • Octave Gain 1: 1.6 dB at 150 Hz in
    • Octave Gain 2: 1.7 db at 150 Hz in
    • Mid Switch: 400 Hz or 800 Hz at 6 dB
    • Power Requirements: 9 VDC at 45 mA
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