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Mooer's Spark Flanger is an extremely compact effects pedal from the Spark series. Everything from classic to modern flanger sounds are at your disposal thanks to the depth, manual, f.back and speed controls. This true bypass pedal measures just 6 x 6.2 x 5.3 cm and comes complete with hook-and-loop fastener so that you can easily attach it to your pedalboard.

Mooer Spark Flanger

    • effect type: flanger
    • controls: depth, manual, f.back, speed
    • switch: on/off
    • classic to modern flanger sounds
    • true bypass
    • input: mono jack
    • output: mono jack
    • power: 9V DC (not included)
    • dimensions: 60 x 62 x 53 mm
    • weight: 262 g
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