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The Mooer MRV2 SkyVerb Digital Reverb Pedal is loaded with a 32 bit, fixed point DSP chip that provides high quality, speed and flexibility. The SkyVerb Pedal is extremely versatile, with its choice of three reverb modes, so that you can find the one that suits your style. The MRV2 SkyVerb's modes consist of Studio, for a warmer and more natural effect; Church which delivers an emptier and smoother reverb; and Plate, which produces a shiny and complex sound. To shape the reverb even further, there are simple controls including Mix, Tone, Decay and Mode. Finally the tiny, compact housing will easily squeeze onto even the busiest of pedalboards.

Mooer Skyverb Reverb

Out of Stock
    • Offers 3 Different Reverb Modes For Versatile Use
    • Dynamic Modes Include Studio, Church & Plate
    • Housed In Compact, Durable Metal Shell
    • Controls Including Type, Mix, Tone & Decay Provide Easy Use
    • True Bypass Eliminates Signal Interference When Not in Use
    • Requires DC 9V Adapter power supply
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