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The Mooer Reecho is the most flexible delay guitar pedal in the Mooer range offer delay times from 5ms right through to 780ms with control over effect level and feedback as well as three way switch to define the tone of the delays: Analog, Real and Tape. A fantastic addition to any pedalboard!

Mooer Reecho D/Delay

Out of Stock
    • 3 Delay Modes: Analog/Real Echo/Tape Echo:
    • 1. Analog: Simulates a warm and smooth echo sound created by classic analog delay equipment.
    • 2. Real Echo: Simulates a natural echo sound in real environment.
    • 3. Tape Echo: Simulates the sweet and spacy echo sound from a vintage tape echo machine.
    • Full metal shell
    • Very small and exquisite
    • True bypass
    • Requires DC 9V Adapter power supply
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