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Having trouble keeping the groove? In need of a drummer? Want a practice companion? Fear not, reach into your pocket and pull out the MOOER micro drummer!!! Micro drummer is a compact drum machine that slots right into your pedal chain. Sporting 121 drumbeats which span a wide variety of different musical styles and can be synced up to your desired time easily using the on boad tap tempo. Never miss a beat with MOOER micro DRUMMER!!!

Mooer Micro Drummer

Out of Stock
    • Drum Machine
    • Digital
    • 11 Genres of drum rhythms, each with 11 drum patterns
    • Controls for volume, tone and speed
    • Pushbutton for tap tempo function
    • True bypass
    • Status LED
    • Bypass footswitch
    • Metal housing
    • 6.3mm Mono jack input/ output
    • 9 V DC power supply, 2.1 x 5.5mm coaxial power connector, polarity (-) inside (not supplied)
    • Current consumption: 95 mA
    • Dimensions (W x D x H): 42 x 93 x 52 mm
    • Weight: 151 g
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