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Hofner HCT Verythin Red

Colour: Red
  • Based on the original classic Hofner Verythin guitar body shape from 1960 with the body depth of only 1.25 inches. The Hofner Verythin was extremely popular with groups during the 1960s beat boom era. Not only capturing that unique 60s sound, the Verythin also has the ability to produce tones ranging from deep gutsy blues through to cutting distorted rock. The CT model is now fitted with striped position markers on the neck - just like the original Hofner 1960s model.

    Founded in 1864, Hofner's comprehensive range of guitars draws on the firms long-standing success making precision string instruments for musicians. The Beatles' Sir Paul McCartney played a Hofner Violin Bass, and the company's superb attention to detail and stylish design has continued to inspire both rock and jazz musicians to this day. Despite the numerous changes over 125 years the company is still strongly a family firm with strong values for customers, and for high quality, musical instruments