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Easy to use, the Mustang III contains 24 amazing digital effects including intelligent pitch-shifting, but being a modelling amp, you have an entire collection of amplifiers at your fingertips including previous Fender amps as well as other classics. The amazing sounds produced by the Mustang III can also be captured right into the supplied version of Ableton Live Lite 8 or any other DAW via USB so you can layer your favourite guitar sound on to any track, and thanks to its headphone socket, you can play and practice silently when required. There is even an aux in for an iPod or other audio source for you to play along with.

Fender Mustang III

£229.00 Regular Price
£159.00Sale Price
    • Portable but powerful 100 watt guitar amplifier
    • 12 inch Fender specially design speaker
    • High quality amp models for huge variation in sound
    • Built in effects
    • Headphone output for silent practice when needed
    • Auxiliary input to jam along with any music source
    • Connect to your computer via USB, ideal for recording with DAW software

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