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The guitar amplifiers with a tube circuit that first unveiled in the 1930s truly bloomed in the 1960s thus opening a new chapter for electric guitar music. The new tone created by the combination of electric guitars and tube amplifiers pioneered a new genre of popular music, and helped create countless masterpieces after masterpieces. To this day, many performers and amplifier experts are constantly striving to inherit the tube amplifier tone of the time, and aspire to launch new amplifiers that incorporate old vintage vibes with new features and latest technologies.

Renowned boutique pedal and amplifier maker Moollon® has made steady efforts to capture the true tone of the historic tube amplifiers. And through our long collaboration and thorough research with Moollon® we were able to launch a new series of tube guitar amplifiers that are built with modern robust construction while remaining true to its vintage concept. We are proud to introduce our Tube Craft series of pure tube amplifiers, envisioned and developed by Moollon’s ideas with Cort’s production efficiency and technology.

Cort CMV15 15W Valve Combo Guitar Amplifier

  • 12” 16Ω Moollon® Custom 30W


    Pre Amp: 12AX7 x 3

    Power Amp: EL84 x 2

    Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Master Volume

    Front: HI / LO Instrument In
    Back: Speaker Outs (2Ω, 8Ω, 16Ω), Ext Loop (Send / Return)



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