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The Carlsbro Sherwood 30R Acoustic Combo Amplifier delivers warmth and clarity to your performances, and is ideal for soloists, small venues and other applications. Equipped with an output of 30 watts, acoustic guitar jack input, microphone XLR input, 4 band EQ, compress circuit and many more. The Sherwood 30R incorporates a tiltback cabinet design, which allows the unit to be angled to achieve the ultimate volume projection whilst performing. Its unique appearance provides a vintage feel, that many guitarists admire.

Carlsbro Sherwood 30R

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    • Power RMS: 20Watts
    • Channels: 2 Channel - XLR Mic input and Guitar jack input
    • Equalisation: Bass, Middle, Middle Sweep, Treble
    • Drivers: 1 x 6.5″ Bass/Tweeter dual
    • Effects: Reverb
    • Headphone Socket
    • Built in tuner
    • CD Input: 3.5mm stereo jack
    • Weight: 10KG
    • Dimensions: [Width*Height*Depth]: 334mm*297mm*368mm
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