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The ultra compact yet sturdy Carlsbro CSD130 Electronic Drum Kit, features 3 cymbals, 3 toms, snare, bass beater with pedal and a high-hat pedal. With the CSD130 commander module, a selection of sounds and presets this drum kit can be used literally straight away. The sturdy steel frame although ultra compact, allows you to position pads and cymbals exactly where you want them. 

Carlsbro CSD 130 Electronic Drum kit

Colour: Black
  • 1 x Commander 130 Sound Module

    1 x 2" bass pad with bass kick pedal

    1 x 7.5" Dual-zone Snare pad 3 x 7.5"

    Single-zone Tom pads 1 x 10"

    Single-zone Hi-hat cymbal pad 1 x 10"

    Single-zone crash cymbal pad with choke 1 x 10"

    Single-zone ride cymbal pad with choke

    1 x Hi-hat controller pedal

    1 x Ultra compact, portable 3-legged drum rack

    Includes all mounting hardware and cabling. 

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