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The Blackstar ID:Core Stereo 100 Combo, Black Tweed is an extremely versatile and powerful combo amp, that is packed with a wide variety of features within a lightweight unit. The ID:Core Stereo is loaded with 2x50W Super Wide Stereo Speakers, which will provide players with a deep and powerful sound experience. With a range of 6 enhanced voices, that are accessible via the Voice control, the Blackstar ID:Core Stereo 100 offers exceptional versatility and increased tonal possibilities. The voices range from a Clean Warm, Clean Bright, classic overdrive Crunch, Super Crunch with plenty of punch, hot-rodded OD1 and finally mid-boosted OD2. Other effects on-board the ID:Core Stereo include an array of Modulations, Delays and Reverbs; and for added convenience there is also a Tuner that is activated by holding down the Reverb control. The Blackstar ID:Core comes with a limited edition Black Tweed finish, with black paper fret and silver thread; to create a beautifully boutique appearance.

Blackstar ID:Core Stereo 100

    • 12 Vintage Style Effects Including an Octaver
    • Store up to 35 Sounds of Your Own Creation
    • Choose from 6 Different Blackstar Voices
    • Stereo Wide Audio for Immersive Sound
    • Limited edition Black Tweed covering & black paper fret with silver thread
    • In-Build Looper with Infinite Overdubs.
    • Blackstars Patented ISF Control for Switching Between USA and British Amp Styles.


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