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The Blackstar ID:Core 10 Stereo Version 2, 10 Watt Combo Amp is the latest release from Blackstar. This popular model features modifications to take your playing to the next level. Equipped with super wide stereo, this powerful combo amp will project your tone across any room. This new updated model delivers all the same qualities as its previous model, with improvements. Modifications include 6 enhanced voices, Envelope filter effect, chorus/flange effect, and free PreSonus Studio one software. Offering 10 watts of classic Blackstar tones, this version 2 model is perfect for personal practice and jamming.

Blackstar ID:Core 10 V2

    • Includes 6 Enhanced Blackstar Voices with New Envelope Effect
    • Patented ISF Control Takes you from British to American Sounds
    • 13 Vintage Style Effects in Massive Super Wide Stereo
    • Free PreSonus Studio One Prime Blackstar Edition Software
    • USB Audio For Pro Recording & Stereo MP3/Line In For Jamming