For those of us who loved the HT5, but really need to keep the watts down, the Blackstar HT1RH Guitar amp head is bound to be a hit! It packs in 1W of all tube punch into a tiny portable combo which just oozes tone! You can crank the little beggar at home and enjoy the sort of tones you'd expect from a searing Blackstar amp, but at a volume that will barely leave your bedroom.

Blackstar HT1R Head

    • 1xECC83 and 1xECC82
    • Unique push-pull power amp design
    • Based on award winning HT-5
    • Two channels
    • Patent-Applied-For Infinite Shape Feature (ISF)
    • Perfect for studio or practice
    • Speaker emulated output
    • Stereo MP3 / Line input
    • Stereo digital reverb
    • External speaker output
    • Cool vintage styling

    • Weight (kg): 4 

      Dimensions (mm): 308 x 185 x 172