About Us

Ayr Guitar is Ayrshire's largest and best stocked music store.  Stocking a wide variety of instruments from electric, acoustic and classical guitars, folk instruments, pianos, strings, brass and woodwind, a full range of percussion, and a wide variety of electronic equipment and accessories.  We have it covered.  

Company History

Owner, Simon McCrindle opened Ayr Guitar in 2011 with the help of his wife Meredith.  Simon, a former lecturer at Adam Smith College and professional musician, had a dream of owning an instrumental music store.  He purchased HSK Music in Kirkaldy in 2006.  Simon realized an opportunity in Ayr, when all three music stores closed within a year.  In 2011 he opened his second shop calling the new location Ayr Guitar.  Since the opening of the store Simon and Meredith have become parents of twins, William and Alexander.


Simon has brought his love of music and musical instruments along with his expertise in repair and a vast knowledge of vintage and antique instruments to Ayr Guitar.  We have been host to musicians from around the world, famous and well regarded, Ayr Guitar has become the go-to boutique music shop of Scotland.